still a single mother of three

daddy:  everyone get ready for bed, or it’s BUM PINCHING TIME!!!

if you happened to wonder where the bum obsession came from. *smh*


1st world problems

8yo [yelling from other room]:  oh, come on!!! seriously!!!

me [walking in there]:  what is going on?

8yo [huffing]:  i put the remote on the pillow and it keeps tumbling off.  IT’S A PROBLEM, mama.  i think it has tumble-of-the-bed-itis.

daddy:  God forbid.  what if you  *gasp* lived in a time when you actually had to get up and go change the channel on the tv??????  THE HORROR

me: [trying not to laugh]


i am a single mother of three

hubby likes that Geico camel commercial, so i sent him an ecard with it on it this morning. my reward for making him chuckle (on a not-very-good day) is???

daddy:  girls, what’s today????

5yo and 8yo:  IT’S HUMP DAY!!!

daddy:  WOO HOOOOO!

whereupon they all laugh hysterically and go crazy woo hooing and yelling hump day.

thanks, babe.


knock knock

5yo:  knock knock

me [sighing]:  who’s there?

5yo [thinking for a second]:  thunder

me:  thunder who?

5yo [thinking some more]:  thunderwear! it’s the kind of underwear that thunder wears!!! [smiling proudly]

me: [shakes head]


back toes

me:  what are you doing?  brush your teeth.

8yo [tiptoeing in teeny tiny baby steps]:  i’m walking to the sink.

5yo:  using your feet?!?  disgusting!!!

8yo and me:….

8yo:  um, i always use my feet.


it’s too early for this

8yo:  now it’s time for SPOON.  OF.  TORTURE!!

5yo:  torture! torture!


i am assured this comes from a cartoon. meaning i will have to figure out which one and ban it immediately.