hats off

5yo just informed me that sometimes when she is tired, she gets daddy and me confused (!) and therefore i must wear a hat [mind you, one of her hats] so that she can tell the difference.

finger twister

5yo trying to fit her fingers together to make a shape.

me:  what are you doing??

5yo:  making a turtle. [getting fingers twisted up.  holds up one finger at me.]  WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE.

me: [laughing]  i will wait JUST ONE MINUTE.

everybody cracks up.

btw, she never did figure out the turtle thing, but managed to put one hand on top of the other so it looked like a spider riding on another spider’s back.

in case you were wondering…

…how grocery shopping went today.  walking with the kids:

5yo:  we are smelling the smell of your purse.  it’s very sniffy.

8yo:  we follow you by smelling you. and your purse.  

then they proceed to follow me around, both directly behind me with their noses ON my purse, giggling while stepping on the backs of my feet.  repeatedly.  people in the store staring at us like we are from mars or something.  

they then moved on to nibbling my purse…..  *sigh*