finger twister

5yo trying to fit her fingers together to make a shape.

me:  what are you doing??

5yo:  making a turtle. [getting fingers twisted up.  holds up one finger at me.]  WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE.

me: [laughing]  i will wait JUST ONE MINUTE.

everybody cracks up.

btw, she never did figure out the turtle thing, but managed to put one hand on top of the other so it looked like a spider riding on another spider’s back.

in case you were wondering…

…how grocery shopping went today.  walking with the kids:

5yo:  we are smelling the smell of your purse.  it’s very sniffy.

8yo:  we follow you by smelling you. and your purse.  

then they proceed to follow me around, both directly behind me with their noses ON my purse, giggling while stepping on the backs of my feet.  repeatedly.  people in the store staring at us like we are from mars or something.  

they then moved on to nibbling my purse…..  *sigh*

i’m getting tired just listening to this

kids are making a sign for a “day spa” they are creating for me on my bed (read:  total destruction of my bed which will not be cleaned up by them later).

8yo [to 5yo]:  make the sign extra extra pretty.

5yo: but i can’t make it THAT pretty because….my arms are going to get tired.

8yo:  ok, then, make it pretty, then take a break and rest your arms, then make it prettier.

5yo:  okay

so.  cute.

never listen to the big fat pop up head

listening to 8yo supposedly narrating a puppet show while daddy reads 5yo a bedtime story.  apparently there were 2 sisters arguing, which was interrupted by a “big pop up fat head” (according to daddy) for which there was absolutely no reason, and then the story ended when 8yo said the big mamma head came in.  there was some sort of moral to this puppet show, but i was laughing too hard to hear it.

um, thanks?

8yo just handed me this. she said she made it for me and it’s an EXACT REPLICA of me in my wedding dress, complete with white dress and veil, which she informed me she used tape to hold down, and lipstick and even eyeshadow, so I can tell everyone she made me an EXACT REPLICA of me in my wedding dress.  so that’s what i’m telling you.  can’t you see the resemblance??????? *snicker*


you put your….bum in

so 8yo just informed me that she sat in the bathtub so long her bum is sore.  her first solution was to put her hands in the freezer, then put them on her bum to cool it off.  she said that stung. so i suggested aloe. she said that stung.  when i got back from putting the aloe away, i found her with her pants down, bum sticking in the freezer, saying ahhhhh.  it was all i could not to take a picture or laugh out loud.

btw, she says it feels much better now. 🙂


5yo calls me into the bathroom, saying she needs help.  i ask with what, and she shows me her hands with something pink all over them.  turns out it’s….wait for it…..bubblegum.  no idea where she got the gum – we have none in the house that i know of.  her answer as to how it got all over her hands was unintelligible.  she had used a fingernail scrub brush to try to get it off.  the brush is of course now covered in gum and her skin was all red.  took me 10 minutes with ice to freeze the gum so it wouldn’t stick to her skin and pull at it.  i declared her a bubblegum nightmare and said bubblegum was off limits to her for a few years. at least it didn’t get in her hair. *smh*