it takes a….barn?

5yo:  mama!  i know all the names of all the baby animals!!

me: that’s great!  so, what is the name of a baby goat?

5yo:  ummmm…..i’m not sure.

mama:  [trying not to give her the answers] maybe it’s a..cub?

5yo:  no, that’s a baby bear.

me:  right!  but maybe it is also a cub?

5yo:  no. it is not.

me: i actually think it is called a kid.

5yo:  mooooom!  a baby goat is NOT a kid.  I am what is known as a kid!!! [fairly rolls eyes at my stupidity]

me: [trying hard not to laugh] oh, ok, i’m sorry.  what about a lion?

5yo:  a baby lion is a….wildcat.

me: uh huh.  a tiger?

5yo:  that’s a pup.  like a baby dog. but a baby tiger.

me:  got it.  how about a bird?

5yo:  that’s a bird-y.  like a bird, with an ee on the end.

me:  [stifling a laugh] and a fish?

5yo:  a fish-y. [big smile]

me:  and a monkey?

5yo:  a monk.  it’s a strange sounding word, i know, but that’s what it’s called.

me:  gotcha.

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