road trip pt 8

just got suckered into the latest light-uppy wand thingys.  and daddy almost immediately had to declare that they were NOT battle swords.Image

road trip pt 7

daddy: we have to get ready so we can get back in time for the parade.

8yo: we have 3 hours until the parade, plenty of time.

daddy: actually, you have to shower, change, get back, park, walk….. in reality, we have like… 10 minutes to get ready.

8yo: I recommend…mass panic.

daddy [nearly drives off the road laughing]

5yo: [talking really loudly]

daddy: you need to keep it down. 

5yo: but when you talk loudly….

daddy: yes, but I’m allowed. I’m a grown up.

8yo: yeah, kids gotta learn to keep the volume down. unfortunately I’ve been hearing lectures about that for EIGHT YEARS.

daddy: unfortunately, we’ve needed to give those lectures for 8 years.

8yo: [rolls eyes]