8yo: [on way to bathroom] you know, i don’t understand why men use yourEENals instead of just sitting down like us.

me: huh?

8yo:  you know, yourEENals. they use them standing up instead of sitting down.  and they don’t even flush, they have a drain.

me: [light bulb goes on;  starts laughing] you mean urinals. [thinking wtf are we discussing urinals for??????]

8yo:  i can’t say that correctly. i mean, if they don’t flush, there could be serious consequences. serious problems.

me:  [still laughing] uh, it’s easier and quicker for them to do things standing up.

8yo:  [thinks about this] hmm

me: [praying that we don’t have to discuss WHY and this conversation can end]…..

8yo:  [walks away]

me:  [sags in relief and goes back to eating breakfast]


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