morning at my house pt 2

quickly followed by…

9yo:  daddy smartly hit my shin.


me:  daddy, give her scooter back!!!


9yo:  oooh, hand to hand combat!!!



9yo has decided that daddy says so many inappropriate things around them that she is going to hold daddy word lessons on how to speak around children.  LMAO


hold me, i’m frightened

while at disney…

6yo:  you know there are 8 dwarves.

me: no, i’m pretty sure there are only 7.

6yo:  no, there’s 8. the 8th one is named crazy and he runs around with a chainsaw like this. [holds arms up above head like wielding a chainsaw and makes a horrible face and yells.]

me [to daddy]:  can we leave her here? she’s starting to scare me.