in case you didn’t know

in the car with the kids and my sister in law, driving home in the pouring rain after running through a monsoon to leave the suspended (and later “terminated”) game.  

drenched 6yo in the back seat:  i know how hail is made. [note:  we weren’t talking about hail] it’s when thunder and rain combine together.  also, lightning and rain can combine too.  they make little ice pieces.  

me: …

6yo:  i know it seems like that couldn’t happen, but that’s how it happens.  thunder or lightning combine with rain. or both of them.

me: ummm, yeah, good to know.

6yo:  i’ve always known that.  ever since i was five years old.  ever since my 6th birthday.

me:  *smh*


single mother of three

while trying to unwind after a long day, i was just attacked by a large growly hermit crab shadow, requiring me to scream loudly. repeatedly. or be accused of being no fun.  again.    thanks so much, daddy, for letting the kids play with your flashlight-on-headgear thingy.  

why do i come home again?

timing is everything pt 2

so today i come home after a very long, seriously awful day and go looking for my monkeys.  6yo is in the bathroom.  when i go in to say hi, she announces that she has gone no. 2 and needs help wiping.  this completes my day.


timing is everything

got home today and before i could even put down my purse and bag, 6yo runs up to me with a bloody top lip.  apparently she was trying to do a handstand and somehow kneed herself in the mouth.  *sigh*

the upside is that she made one of her slightly loose front teeth looser.