whose kid is this?

9yo [sitting naked on a pillow and blanket on a kitchen chair]: this is my rightful throne.
me:  ….


and I will name him george

9yo’s teacher gave them the link to a website where they sell hedgehogs. she wants a pet desperately.
9yo: and look,  the one I want is older,  with a shy temperament which is perfect for me, and *only* $125!
daddy: hedgehogs scratch,  bite,  claw. they’re vicious little creatures. you can’t even pet them because of their spines – they will rip your hands to bloody shreds!!!
9yo: [pauses] that just makes me more determined to get one.
daddy and me: [dying laughing]

guess that ad campaign was successful

9yo [theoretically cleaning up the playroom with her sister]:  got frisbee?


that’s easy for you to say

9yo: I think I just stomped on my own foot alive


so how is your night going?

soooo daddy bought a hockey mask a la Jason and was just chasing the kids around the house.  my head and eardrums are completely traumatized by the shrieking.

9yo was running away, but 6yo is standing there shrieking without moving.

daddy:  she would be the one in that commercial about the bad decisions who would run and hide behind the chainsaws…..

me:  [dying laughing]


hunka hunka

9yo’s pic of a “hunky” guy,  photographer,  and swooning girls (don’t ask).  guy’s name is beefcake.  LOL she tried to say it was justin beiber but I said nothing beiber related is allowed in our house.

After she drew a hunky robot called… wait for it. …beepcake!



um, what?

9yo:  clothes block the power i have to control my mind.  being naked leaves me free to control myself.


bear in mind, we were not talking about clothes or nakedness or minds or….