4yo: why did the bunny cross the road?

me: i don’t know. why?

4yo: to get donuts at the donut shop.


daddy: so the bunny got some donuts? cool

4yo: no, the donut shop was closed and they were out of donuts.




told kids that cousin Michael would try to fix my mom and dad’s computer camera so we could Skype – they messed it up again. they said how come Michael can fix it and not them? I said my parents aren’t very good at computers, but Michael is.

5yo: here is one thing that Michael is very bad at: shimmer [temporary tattoos].

7yo: yeah, he’s horrible.

me: i’ll tell Michael you just dissed him. LMAO!


um, no

7yo has announced that, because she is the only one still in pajamas, she is in charge for the rest of the day. she has already outlined what mom and dad can and can’t do and detailed the time out procedure for us.


it’s too early for this

the kids absolutely love the Furbies.  on the negative side, being woken up by two Furbies saying “oh my gosh” and “duuude” really is as bad as it sounds.


kill me now

there are 2 Furbies in my family room blah blahing and talking like Valley girls to each other.  kill. me.  now.



7yo [wrestling with me]: mama, let go of my legs. my pits are starting to sweat.

me: your legs have no pits!

7yo: yes, they do. behind my knees!

me: bwahahahahahaha