kill me now

8yo decided that it’s OK to write Santa and ask for things during the year. What does she ask for? For the elf to come the day after Thanksgiving. #KillMeNow


hold me…..I’m scared.  but also kind of proud 

7yo and  10yo watching  mine craft videos on YouTube.

7yo:  I like watching this one. he kills justin beiber. [laughs evilly]

while she still frightens me, at least I taught her that he’s a worthless talentless punk.  go me.  

wtf??? go the f*ck to sleep, child 

went to go tell 11yo it was time for bed.  saw the light on in the bathroom.  knocked and opened the door to find 8yo washing her hands.  then the smell hits me.  nail. polish.  she didn’t want to go to sleep so she decided that the best thing to do was  go into the bathroom and paint her nails. then had to try to wash off the polish because she messed it up.   WTF child?!?!?  *exasperated*

why did i get her this game again?

10yo, in lieu of reading on her own, chose to read to me from some sort of  minecraft handbook.  i now know more than i ever – EVER – wanted to about zombie pigmen and the difference between wither skeletons and withers (hint:  number of heads). i’m seriously rethinking the whole kindle for the kids things. *headdesk*