bedtime for bozos

this was my putting the kids to bed tonight:

9yo [singing]:  tractor!  gonna see a chiropractor!  he’s gonna fix my backtor!  [dies laughing and rolling around on the bed]

[sidenote:  clearly i need to rethink letting them watch the fairly oddparents]

6yo [as i tell her to get off the covers and under them]:  booty up in the air! booty down on the ground!  booty booty all around!  [dissolves into giggling fit]

me:  *sigh*


and then there’s this

this is what i hear while the girls are getting ready for bed:

6yo:  fee fi fo fum i’m gonna bite a superman’s bum.

9yo falls on the floor laughing hysterically

whack a mole

3yo after being caught out of bed and put back there:  look mama, it’s 5 o’clock [pointing to clock which says 9:05], and i didn’t see you in the bathroom, you were supposed to take our pink blowdryer and blow dry your nails, sometimes it’s dark when i go to bed, sometimes i hear the owls and sometimes i don’t hear the owls [which are not what they seem?], and they didn’t have tiger nails, did they?