i’m blaming daddy…….and cats

apparently daddy watched cat videos on youtube with the kids when i wasn’t home, and there was one of a cat twerking to the “big fat butt” song (whatever that is).  so this is what i got at dinner.

7yo:  i think i’ll finish my dinner and go twerk in my room.

me: …….

thanks daddy.

box of what???

daddy gave the kids a large box that some furniture came in.   they had me cut out a window and make a door and they decorated it like an apartment, one which apparently has a cat [note: mama is allergic to cats].  however, today this is what i got:

5yo:  you know what else we call our box? when we have done something bad, we call it the Box of Shame and we go in it and feel ashamed of something bad we did.

i am not entirely sure how i feel about this….i am laughing hysterically while trying to figure it out…..