why did i get her this game again?

10yo, in lieu of reading on her own, chose to read to me from some sort of  minecraft handbook.  i now know more than i ever – EVER – wanted to about zombie pigmen and the difference between wither skeletons and withers (hint:  number of heads). i’m seriously rethinking the whole kindle for the kids things. *headdesk*

lemonade stands that make you fall asleep…..

7yo:  i feel like…..lemonade.

me:  lemonade?

7yo:  yes, that means i feel cold.

me:…..so of all the ways to describe your being cold, you chose lemonade??

7yo:  actually, it means that i feel refreshing.

me [worried what this new turn might bring]:  refreshing…..

7yo:  which means that i’m sleepy.

me:  *gives up and proceeds to ignore child”