oh the drama

me: time to eat breakfast.

8yo:  mini pancakes.

me: we don’t have any. come see what we do have.

8yo:  we haven’t had anything new in a week. there isn’t anything to eat.  i’m just saying that i have had to eat the same snacks for 2 WHOLE WEEKS. i don’t know if i can take another day!!!

me:  OH THE HUMANITY!!! pick something and eat. *sigh*

drama trauma

so 7yo pushed on a coin return button on the school vending machine, and her finger got stuck. after several tries with lotion, etc., they called the fire department, who finally unwedged it with a long skinny stick. no blood or cuts – just a big indent and future bruising. i got there just in time for them to tell me what happened. it’s never good when they greet you outside with, “she’s okay, but…”

*collapses in a pile*