6yo [talking from back seat on way to library]: i love going to new libraries. it’s cool to go see new libraries. and new things. it’s cool to see new things.  too.  you know, even tho i like my booster seat with the back on, it’s okay with the back off too. i like it both ways.  i’ll make a decision by the time we get there about which way i want it to be.  because i have to make a decision.  the last time we had the back on was before we took it off was when we went down to see mimi and papa.  i still have red ink on my hands from drawing earlier. it didn’t come off.  look, there’s our gym.  do you like the ellipticals there?  you don’t like them there, do you?

my brain:  [boom]



5yo calls me into the bathroom, saying she needs help.  i ask with what, and she shows me her hands with something pink all over them.  turns out it’s….wait for it…..bubblegum.  no idea where she got the gum – we have none in the house that i know of.  her answer as to how it got all over her hands was unintelligible.  she had used a fingernail scrub brush to try to get it off.  the brush is of course now covered in gum and her skin was all red.  took me 10 minutes with ice to freeze the gum so it wouldn’t stick to her skin and pull at it.  i declared her a bubblegum nightmare and said bubblegum was off limits to her for a few years. at least it didn’t get in her hair. *smh*