and 6 minutes later

me: [eating breakfast and yawning because i’m not awake]

8yo: [from across the room]  yawns don’t make sense to feet.

me: [headdesk]


why did i get her this game again?

10yo, in lieu of reading on her own, chose to read to me from some sort of  minecraft handbook.  i now know more than i ever – EVER – wanted to about zombie pigmen and the difference between wither skeletons and withers (hint:  number of heads). i’m seriously rethinking the whole kindle for the kids things. *headdesk*

um, okaaay

5yo:  guess what, mama?  25 equals……..25!


5yo:  that’s weird, isn’t it?

me:  ummm

5yo:  it’s the same number!

me:  *headdesk*


puppets are our friends

4yo:  ok, here’s the puppet show, and [holding up drawn scenery from inside a large box] here’s the scenery.

me:  ok, where are the puppets?

4yo:  well, we lost all the puppets. so there aren’t any.

me:  *headdesk*