wolfie the spider must die

so the kids are home alone today and they saw a “huge” spider before we left but we couldn’t locate it. after apparently extensively googling it in a panic, 13yo swore it was a brown recluse (poisonous) but Daddy said it’s probably a wolf spider.

fast forward to now when I’m getting texts about wolfie. apparently they found him near their bathroom again. 10yo texts that they have found it. twice. then texts that 13yo is going to spray it.

radio silence.

10yo finally texts me that 13yo sprayed it and IT DISAPPEARED!! general chaos and terror ensues when they cannot locate it. i tell 10yo to tell her sister to go on the other side of the house. after a pause, i am informed the 13yo is crying and ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE and she won’t come down. after talking to her on the phone, she says she is more on the counter but won’t come off until wolfie is dead. apparently Daddy had been called to come kill wolfie in on his lunch break. that’s what hubbies are good for. 😁

stay tuned for wolfie termination….

i blame my parents…..well, and my hubby

and if you are wondering where some of this comes from:

me:  so dad brought home a new computer. we’ll just switch out your hard drive and everything will be faster.

mom:  OK so long as you don’t change anything.

dad:  [laughing] so you want her to change it so long as she doesn’t change anything?

mom:  yes, exactly.