whose child is this???

6yo [lying on the floor with her legs up over her head]:  i have a new friend on my bum.  johnny applebum.


6yo:  he keeps my bum from getting hurt when i land….or sit….or fall….

me: [shaking head sadly]

6yo:  it’s number 34 on the list of weird things i do.

me:….that list is much much longer than 34.

6yo:  134?

me:  nope.

6yo:  8,234?

me:  closer.

road trip pt 6

showed 5yo the Kmart commercial that everyone is freaking out about. [yeah, I’m a horrible mom. bite me.]

anyway, her impression: I like that show. they are lumberjacks. [giggling]

me: lumberjacks?!?

5yo: yes, because that’s what they do. dance.

me: she makes my brain hurt.