so how’s your weekend starting?

i’ve been up on a saturday for 5 whole minutes.

8yo:  [coming up next to me and staring at me like a meerkat] socks like cookies too.

me:  … go. away.




does anyone else have a child who LITERALLY can take 15 minutes to put a pair of sneakers and socks on????  and i’m not talking about just sitting there for 15 minutes not doing anything (though she has done that a ton of times too).  she has to roll up pants/leggings, wiggle her toes into the socks, adjust the line on the socks so it is just right, …..



Super Bowl at our house

8yo just used daddy’s socks to give herself shouldermpads.  LOL


on the other hand

on the other hand, i sent her in the laundry room [where the shoes are] to get shoes and socks on 5 mins ago.  she just came out. the socks have disappeared, there are no shoes on, and she is rambling about needing purple Gatorade.