and a very good morning to you too

i go in to wake up 7yo this morning.

7yo:  mama, i know what i want for my birthday [many months from now] or Christmas.

me:  [half asleep] great, what would that be?

7yo:  a zippy bag.

me: ??

7yo:  i’d put in on my bed and i’d put my blanket underneath it and be warm and i could unzip this side and unzip that side. no, just this side.  and you know it’s so awesome that if you spill something on it like food or chocolate [mind you, this is apparently something that goes on a bed], it’s…….[huge smile] MACHINE WASHABLE FLEECE!!!!

me:  my life is complete.  get up.

about to

4yo belatedly (of course) tells me she spilled something that you make chocolate drinks out of on a white dress. which of course she put in the laundry basket, and not the washer. i thought it was chocolate syrup but not dark enough. so i figured chocolate milk. wrong. i went in the pantry to get something and discovered cocoa powder spilled on the shelf and the floor.

me: why didn’t you tell me that you spilled the powder?

4yo: well i was just about to.

and so it begins. *sigh*