that’s just not right

daddy nicknamed the 6yo varmint when she was about 6 months old.  she has totally lived up to this name.  however, recently he decided that she has a new nickname……wait for it…… honey badger.  as in honey badger don’t give a shit.  bwahahahaha  yes, it’s totally not right.  but it’s probably pretty accurate at this stage.


on the way to taco bell.  i ask 6yo what she wants. she is very specific and says that she wants a spicy beef soft taco with cheddar cheese (read: soft beef taco with whatever cheese they put on it).  i ask her twice if she is sure she doesn’t want a gordita like mine, since she always wants some of mine.  she is adamant that she wants a SPICY. BEEF.  TACO. WITH.  CHEDDAR. CHEESE.  so this is what i order for her and 2 gorditas for me (so i can have one for lunch tomorrow).

we get home and i am putting the food on plates.

6yo:  so maybe i can have half of one of your gorditas.

me: no way. i asked you several times if you wanted one and you said no!

6yo:  but i could have half of one.

me:  no.

6yo [play pouting]:  yes, i can.

me [sighing in resignation]:  maybe, just MAYBE, you can have a little bit of one.

6yo:  so that’s like half.

me: no, that is like a little.

6 yo:  which means half.  [big smile]

me [trying not to smile]:  which means a little.  maybe.

6yo [frowns while thinking about this for a minute]:  when i say a half, i MEANT a little.  i don’t think things mean the same thing you think they mean, but you didn’t ask me what i meant, so i couldn’t tell you that a half meant a little!

me:  *smh*  whatever.

annoyingly, after giving the little varmint a HALF, she didn’t eat A DAMN BIT OF IT!!! >.<