HWF (home wrestling federation)

i come home and go into the bathroom after i change.  when i come out, there is a note on the floor in front of the door from 8yo asking if when i come out, we (and it specifies that by “we” it means her, 6yo and me) can have a wrestling match on my bed.  there’s a box to check yes or no.

5 minutes later i am being attacked by both kids on the bed.  8yo makes up rules as she goes along, said rules always going to her benefit.  this time it was no tickling, which is one of the few advantages i have when being attacked by both of them.  naturally, i completely ignore this rule.  in the middle of my tickle attack, 8yo yells:  you may pull my spleen, my liver, and my guts out of my body, but i will never surrender!” WTF??  clearly i need to pay more attention to what they are watching on tv.

after the wrestling match was over (i won, of course – no one said moms can’t cheat), we try to get them ready for bed.  which results in two half-naked girls running around with underwear on their head and their pjs tied around their bodies while squealing and riding scooters through the house.  sigh.  on the plus side, i grabbed the video camera and recorded them – GREAT blackmail material for when they are teenagers!!! 😀