seriously, single mother of three here *sigh*

daddy and kids making a ton of noise in the other room.

me [looking at clock]:  it’s past time to get ready for bed!!  let’s go!

10yo [skipping into the room]:  sorry, mama.  daddy was teaching me how to shoot off people’s heads. (playing a weird, creepy xbox game, not IRL people)

me:……so glad daddy is teaching you the important things in life.  *sigh*

single mother of three

i woke up on saturday and walked out into the family room.  6yo is sitting on daddy’s lap and proudly announces:  mama, daddy taught me how to cut people in half with a chainsaw and i did it all by myself!!!!!  [huge smile and lots of giggles]

it takes me a minute to figure out that they are playing some godforsaken game on xbox. i then narrow my eyes at daddy and shake my head while exiting the room.

single mother of three, with video games

daddy is playing borderlands 2 on the xbox while the kids watch.  5yo is cheering him on when he kills things. yay?

8yo tells him he should do a particular action to get past the next level/mission/whatever (can you tell i don’t play xbox?).  daddy says no, he has been working on this for several days and he will figure it out.

after trying numerous more times and 8yo telling him he should do what she says, he finally does do what she says….and makes it to the next whatever.  8yo is all “i told you so daddy.  daddy is pouting and grumpy now.  LMAO