whose kid is this?

6yo to 4yo:  would you be ever so kind as to help me with this?


darn rabbits

conversation on way to school:

3yo: i was Alice yesterday at school. i wore a costume.

me:  did you see the white rabbit?

3yo [dramatically]: no, rabbits make me tired.

me: ….


where’s perry?

6yo was just shaving her face with a platypus.


don’t ask

3yo is sitting on the couch in a laundry basket with a rolling pin.



3yo [on the way to school]: berry blueberry. those rhyme. because of the berry thing. eggs are really good for you.  that’s why Max, Ruby’s OLDer brother, doesn’t want to eat them, but they lots and lots of them. all over the place. look at the beautiful doggie.  hi!


parent fail

3yo’s first comment upon learning of daddy’s new job:  so now we can go to the store and buy lots of things.