so last Thursday i took 10yo to dentist to have some extractions. she was not happy about this – until they have her nitrous and then, according to her, she slept with her eyes open.

conversation on the way home:

10yo (mumbling bc mouth half asleep from novocaine): i wanna to go to Tacoland.

me: Taco Del Mar?

10yo: no, Tacoland

me: Taco Bell?

10yo: no, Tacoland

me: there is no such thing as Tacoland

10yo: I’m Tacoland!!! I’m a taco! in Tacoland! *giggling *

me: [laughing so hard i nearly lost control of car] a taco in Tacoland

10yo: yes. did someone put a giant marshmallow into my face? i feel like someone put a giant marshmallow on my face

me: [snickering] yes

10yo: yay. *giggling *

maybe they gave her too much nitrous?? lol. shame i couldn’t video since i was driving.

today Daddy gets to take BOTH of them to get extractions. Lawd help him. hahahaha


maybe driving to work wouldn’t be so bad…

me: [home sick for day 2 and on too much cold meds and albuterol, delirious] *walks out to kitchen to get something to eat *

10yo: who wants to hear a song about potatoes?

me: *stares at her blankly*

12yo: oh no

10yo: potatoes, potahtoes, poteetos…[to tune of la cucaracha]

the one where there is a big scary bug UPDATED

about an hour before work ends, I get this text:

me (at work):   *dies laughing*

[co-workers look at me like I’m nuts] 

me (texting back):  is it A flying bug? (yes). where was it? (In the main room) Well, lock yourself in the hallway. I’m sure you won’t starve before I get home. [note: i work  quite a ways from where they are]

them:  ok don’t freak out though. we’re fine 

me: *contemplates how texting they’re   trapped without food equals fine*

UPDATE: came home, looked through the whole house, but couldn’t find any bug. so now we’re stuck with ongoing bug creepiness in the house until something turns up. *sigh*